DIALOG is a scale of 11 questions. Patients rate their satisfaction with eight life domains and three treatment aspects on a 7-point scale. DIALOG provides a score for subjective quality of life and a score for treatment satisfaction.

The scale has been shown to have good psychometric properties and is widely used in both routine care in the NHS and research. It can be used to evaluate treatment and has the advantage that each item is meaningful, so that all information can be used for planning for individual patients and whole services.

Scoring the scale: 

The mean of the 8 items on satisfaction with different life domains forms the subjective quality of life score. The mean of the 3 items on satisfaction with treatment components forms the treatment satisfaction score. Scores below four reflect explicit dissatisfaction, whereas scores above four reflect explicit satisfaction. Scores of four are the neutral middle point.

Click on the link below to download the DIALOG scale: