How does DIALOG+ work?

In DIALOG+, patients rate their satisfaction with eight areas of life and three treatment aspects. The ratings are completed and displayed on a tablet and can be compared with any previous ratings. After considering the ratings, the patients then decide which concerns they want to discuss in the given meeting. Each concern will then be addressed in a four-step approach:

  • Understanding the problem and emphasising ways of successful coping;
  • Identifying the best-case scenario and the smallest step forward that would make a noticeable difference;
  • Exploring options for what the patient, the clinician and others can do to improve the patient’s situation; and
  • Agreeing on actions, which will then be reviewed at the next meeting.
    DIALOG+ provides assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation in one procedure. The frequency and intervals of using it are flexible.

The supporting app

The IOS app is available for iPads and in English only. Click here to see this in the Apple App Store. 

The Android app is available for tablets and smartphones in the following languages: English, Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Dutch, French, Ganda, German, Italian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Urdu (in transliteration). Tamil is under development. Click here to see this in the Google Play store. 

If you wish to develop your own language version or translation, please use the contact us page to work with us on this.

A video explaining DIALOG+

DIALOG and DIALOG+ are explained in a video of about 22 minutes. Please click below to watch the video:

DIALOG+ with Professor Stefan Prieb>>

We asked service users what matters to them, and their responses are shown in the following video:

DIALOG+ Manual

The DIALOG+ manual contains all the information about how to use DIALOG+.

It is brief and focuses on the essential features of the intervention, whilst clinicians may vary non-essential features in the intervention, depending on their background, the context or setting.

Please click here to download the manual>


DIALOG+ Adherence Scale

Please click here to download the DIALOG+ adherence scale>>

Please click here to download the DIALOG+ adherence scale annotated version>>

If you are interested in using the Adherence Scale, please use the Contact Us page to request further information.


The DIALOG app is designed to be simple and user friendly. After reading the DIALOG+ manual and watching the training video, most users will be able to access and use all functions of the app. If you have any specific questions about any additional features and functions of the app, please use the 'Contact Us' page to ask a question.

For information about the clinical and therapeutic aspects of the intervention please refer to the DIALOG+ Manual>>


Training sessions can be arranged online. An initial training with information about how DIALOG+ works, role-plays and discussion takes about 90 minutes. Please use our contact page to request more information about training sessions.